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Soul Crash Hack RELEASED v2

UPDATE: Soul Crash Hack v3 was released.

soul crash cheats

Soul Crash Hack Features:

- Add Gold(up to 100000);
- Add Premium Money(up to 10000);
- Add XP;
- Refresh Energy;
- Proxy secured connection.

Here is the second version of the Soul Crash Hack with much more features. This version has included proxy’s and you can still use your own proxy list. Enjoy and if you see errors, please report them on soulcrashhck@newhackedgames.tk. With this soul crash tool  you can easily be the best player and this is also the most stable hack tool for this game you will ever see. It’s much more better than Soul Crash Hack v1 and you can be sure it’s the best soul crash hack on the internet right now.
soul crash cheat tool

How to use Soul Crash Hack Tool:

1. First step is to Open and Activate the hack. Wait from 5 to 10 seconds and if nothing happens, no error appears, then you can get to step 2.
2. On this step you enter the values you want added to your account. Remember that this cheat is private and you can enter how much points you want, that is the reason why it’s protected by a survey, to prevent botting.
3. Easiest step: Press Hack and wait 30 seconds, till the progressbar gets to 100%. If you get any error, you need to update and/or reinstall the Soul Crash Hack RELEASED v2.
4. If the soul crash hack tool worked you should see your points added in your account in the next 20-50 seconds. This cheats are guaranteed and if you didn’t get your points, stop searching the problems on your computer. That means the problem are on our server and you should wait at least 24h for the problem to get solved.
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Soul Crash Hack

Soul Crash Hack RELEASED v2 Testimonials:

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