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The West Hack 2013

The West Hack 2013
How to use?
- Open hack
- Type in-game username
- Add goods and press “Generate”
The West Review:
The West is a 2D browser based adventure game set in the American Wild West. Players start as Greenhorns and must work odd jobs to gain skills and cash with which the purchase new gear and eventually join or found a player-run town.
The West is a browser based game that’s set in the American Wild West. New players begin their adventure with no cash or skills and must hit up the local salon for odd jobs to earn a living. A step by step tutorial teaches beginners how to duel, pick tobacco, and navigate the interface. Quests provide additional cash and skill points to customize your character. Each character has 4 stats, 20 skills and starts as the default Greenhorn class. At level 10, players chose between four class types, each with 4 archetypes. The classes are:
Adventurer - Trapper, Wanderer, Indian, Prospector
Dueler - Bounty Hunter, Gunslinger, Bandit, Hangdog
Worker - Cowboy, Quaker, Craftsman, Mortician
Soldier - Cavalryman, Mexican, Mercenary, Iroquois
You’ll start out in The West much as those who actually went that way in the United States’ westward expansion did–by hitting the dusty trail as a dirt-poor laborer.  And from there, you’ll do odd jobs for cash and take on quests until you build up your resources and reputation.  From there, you can do harder jobs, stage gun battles with other players, and do pretty much everything that you could’ve done in the ACTUAL Old West.

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