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Download Blackshot Ultimate Hack 2013

Download Blackshot Ultimate Hack 2013 and make your gameplay more exciting!

contain archive blackshot hack
First install the bypass :
1. Copy Bypass.rar into blackshot/system/ folder
2. extract the 3 .dll files there.
3. Done.
Second extract the hack anywhere.
To inject run cokaine1.exe and press ok.
Hack information
There is no menu so i have created 2 modes :
Mode 1 – BD mode
Activated by pressing F11, this mode has mastery, xp and bp hacks.
Keys used for hacks :
Numpad 1 knife mastery
Numpad 2 rifle mastery
Numpad 3 sniper mastery
Numpad 4 pistol mastery
Numpad 5 SMG mastery
Numpad 6 shotgun mastery
Numpad 7 grenade mastery
Numpad 8 XP+BP ( you must have Head Hunter II to get BP!!! )
Mode 2 – tfm/tdm/SD/SD-I
Activated by pressing F12, this mode has invisible, teleport and telekill hacks.
Keys used for hacks :
Numpad 0 Invisible (only on high grounds like a box or on some stairs )
Numpad 1 teleport to stored location 1
Numpad 2 teleport to stored location 2
Numpad 3 teleport to stored location 3
Numpad 4 save location 1
Numpad 5 save location 2
Numpad 6 save location 3
Numpad 7 teleort to blue team
Numpad 8 stop telekill
Numpad 9 teleport to red team
How to use teleport :
press numpad 4 or 5 or 6 to save a location ( like a good hiding spot, enemy flag, bomb place in SD, etc ).
To move to the saved location press numpad 1 or 2 or 3 to go back to where you saved location.
Example :
Go to your team’s flag and press numpad 4 to save location 1 then go to the enemy flag and press numpad 5 to save location 2.
Then keep pressing numpad 1 and numpad 2 and you will capture the flags very fast and win the game :)
Telekill will teleport you under the players, just look up and keep shooting and you will win ( i got 150-0 once :) )
When you enable mode 1 you can’t use the hacks from mode 2 and vice-versa. I did that so you will not get banned by using xp/mastery hacks in normal matches.

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