joi, 11 iulie 2013

LiveJasmin Credits Hack


LiveJasmin Credits Hack v4.0 – Updated  2013 

Download Stats: 88/100
There’s a download limit of only 100 downloads for LiveJasmin Credits Hack. Downloading of this tool will be automatically closed after it reaches 100 Downloads. We limit the number of downloads to prevent this tool from being overused.
LiveJasmin Credits Hack is a program with you in mind, it is easy to use and functional. See the video on how easily you can have an account on LiveJasmin and add credits to him. LiveJasmin  credits hack is a free program and its working version you can only get from
LiveJasmin Credits Hack adds:
– Safe Proxy Connection
– Add Credits
  • Download LiveJasmin Hack.
  • Go to and create a free account
  • After you created the account, go to and login with that username and password you created from will be logged in successfully!
  • Run “LiveJasmin Hack – Updated 2013.exe” , install (Click: next,next,select: “I Accept Terms” ,select location to install,, click: “Add a desktop icon” click “Install Now” and click: “Finish and Reboot Now”
  • After reboot,open: “LiveJasmin Hack v4.0″ icon from desktop and ENJOY.

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