luni, 27 mai 2013

Facebook Account Hacker 2013

newfacebbok Facebook Account Hacker 2013
* Hack any Facebook account in minutes
* Freeze accounts and replace their passwords
* Portable version to install on USB flash drives
* Anonymous mode to cover footprints when used on the victim’s computer
* Multi-thread account hacking procedures to maximize speed and performance
* Plugin support (extend the possibilities and add new features easily)
* Easy to understand interface
* Runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
It’s a really simple and straight forward process. You have to download the software to your computer. Enter your victim’s Facebook e-mail and load the necessary plugins than take a look at the settings. Hit the start button and the tool will do the rest! The hacking process could take a couple minutes based on your victim’s password strength and the protection level of the database where the attacked account is located. Check back a few minutes later and you will see the exact password in the console window. Now make sure to open a private browsing window in your Internet browser and log in to your victim’s account.
Current Release Information:
Latest Update: Version: 1.04
File Size: 0.74 MB
Always 100% Adware & Spyware Free!
Download links:
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