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FaceBook Viral Like Script Poster

FaceBook Viral Like Script Poster
With this amazing script you can offer your downloads/niches to Facebook users and best of all to make a lot money from them. In this post I will show you how to use the script and how to make money from it. This script works both externally on any website or blog and Internally with Facebook inside Facebook fan page.
GF3J2 FaceBook Viral Like Script Poster
How this script works:
- User connects Facebook profile with your niche
- Allows what script requires
- Downloads your file
I’m sure that now 80% of you think that this Facebook Viral script is like any other, but trust me, this script is unique and secret. It sounds like nothing, that this script is low quality and that it doesn’t have anything what you can use to increase your earnings, am I right? Yes, I’m, but you’re making really big mistake when you think that way. So, let’s see what this script will do while user is doing survey and trying to download your file.
In the background (user won’t know) script will:
- Take access token and email from user and save it in your database for later use
- Make a post to all friends wall of that user
- Make a post to all groups which the user has joined
- Make a post to all fan pages which user has liked
- Like your Facebook fan page so you will generate real fans
- Create a new album in photos and upload your photo create a back link and it’s easy to turn on/off. This is important because if Facebook deletes your application and all activity but photo won’t be deleted!
Upgrades in script:
- automatic installer
- application spinner
- all setting up of the script is now going over browser (0 coding skills required)
- stealth mode (checks for banned apps and automatically removes them)
- script taggs friends on the picture it uploads (you select the picture and the number of friends to tag)
- site statistics
- turn on/off autoposting
- limit the number of users post
- limit the number of groups post
- limit the number of fan pages post
- turn on/off posting on friends wall
- turn on/off posting on fan pages wall
- turn on/off posting on groups wall
- script using latest Facebook API
- will detect new access_token and update them
- will detect if user is deleted your application, change Facebook password , and delete that user
- code is much more optimized so script work faster
- resolved problem with batch API request
- spinner for text in auto post
- spinner for Facebook applications (unlimited)
- use same database to make unlimited number of virals
- automatic or admin turn off and redirecting to download link (CPA, PPD etc.)
- protected from reselling (important because this script will have only users who buy it and because of that it will not be easily patched)
- script can be used on any blog, website, integrated in Facebook fan pages etc.
- script use legit Facebook API so doesn’t have problems with TOS
button download36 300x78 FaceBook Viral Like Script Poster
button download36 300x78 FaceBook Viral Like Script Poster


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