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Minecraft Premium Account Creator

Minecraft Premium Account Creator

mcacscreen Minecraft Premium Account Creator
Team iNFiNiTY made a porting of old team Gooby Minecraft Premium Account Maker that stopped working about two months ago and due to its team disband, it “died”. Team Gooby’s Minecraft Premium Account Creator (or maker?) was a powerful program that was able to decrypt Minecraft’s shop algorithms, starting from a common day when a member of the team explored the javascripts .js files where the redeem page still redirects to. It worked for a while but it wasn’t well known, so only few lucky users who found the program for free were able to activate a lot of Minecraft Premium Accounts. The program function is making an account that already is premium and this is possible thanks to some code vulnerability that we prefer to mantain private to keep this program undetected. As we were saying, Team Gooby’s program worked well but a day someone reported it to Mojang, maybe hoping in a reward. From that day Minecraft Premium Account Creator was permanently patched because the vulnerability it used was rare and unique – but when this was discovered, Team Gooby didn’t exist anymore.
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Some week ago we found that program and we made reverse engineering. We weren’t able to make it work back so as last try we sent the code to Team iNFiNiTY‘s main coder – one of the main coders. They explored the code for some week and tried various solutions, then they discovered that Mojang didn’t remove the vulnerability, they only worked to make Team Gooby’s program do not work anymore. After doing this they forgot to explore how the vulnerability works, where it is, and maybe they even don’t know it exists.
Today we are releasing Minecraft Premium Account Creator only for Users. Get your free account today!
Hint: Please DO NOT share your program copy with other people!

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