duminică, 9 iunie 2013

Lucky Gem Casino Hack RELEASED v1 – Download Free

lucky gem casino hack


  • Add coins (unlimited)
  • Refresh Bonus (use 2-3 times every hour)
  • Proxy support for full anonymity.

Today, we hacked another facebook game, so we present you : Lucky Gem Casino Hack RELEASED v1. This was easy to hack, almost the easiest game to hack, because let’s face it: this is not quite a hard game. Ok, so you can add coins, refresh your bonus and you will get more XP every game player(up to 150%). Also, we added some plugins for extra-protection against bots and proxy support. Lucky Gem Casino is more stable than our last facebook hack, Baseball Heroes that have some problems. For this and all the fixes to our hacks we thanks to our new member, Paul.
lucky gem casino hack

Lucky Gem Casino Hack is undetected

Virus scan here (0/42) – Status: undetected
Of course, you can use this hack how much you want, you won’t get caught! There is no way facebook would know you use hacks to this game. For extra-safety we use proxies so they will never know from where comes the points and this can’t track back to you. Enjoy and subscribe to our newsletter if you like our work!
Lucky Gem Casino Hack

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