sâmbătă, 1 iunie 2013

NGAEUI v1.3.3 Fixed Hacks

NGAEUI v1.3.3 Fixed Hacks v1.0u2 (09/05/2013)

NGAE Is An Emulator With Only Neogeo Drivers And Many Features, Like Neoragex But With 304 Roms, +Hacks Updated, And Bios Updated.
Unofficial Build. Based In Mame 0.146u1 (MameUi, MameAsh, HoubaPPK, Mkchamp Code Used.)
NGAEUI v1.3.3 Fixed Hacks v1.0u2 09/05/13

x64 Version Is Fixed.
ms5pcbd Warning Message Fixed.
kof99fc (Remix Pro v2.0) Added To MAME.lst Now Appear In NGAE.

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