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Roblox HACK 2013

Roblox Hack

Roblox HACK 2013

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Roblox hack 100% working – Tickets and robux 2013 - Well, i am as you know a roblox player/Hacker/website owner/kid…and as you know i have been searching for a real way to hack Tix and Robux on roblox. None of them worked at all, till i stumbled upon a nother roblox hacker (Script Hacker), i heard he has been working over five months on this one little script hack, or what i heard a little script hack, but i soon found out it probely was the most hardest script hack ever made in roblox, not even the admin’s can figure out of the key or the cure to taking off the script hack, you might of heard it, it is called the Tix and Robux script (very few robloxians heard about it, the admins try to keep it well hidden from us, but Nirvana1196 found out…).
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So, let me get to my point that all you fellow robloxians want to know, What is the name of the script hacker, who hacked the biggest secert of all history in roblox???His name is Nirvana1196, he hasn’t even been a vertan in roblox to learn about the biggest script hack ever made in roblox.All those friends he had, about 10 of them got banned for a month of this and 10 more didn’t and became rich. I was apart of the group who got banned for a month because of this, but i atleast made over 1000 Robux because of it, after i finished my banned amount, i did it again icon razz Roblox Hack , the next week when i tried to logg on, i found see a message saying my account is terminated icon razz Roblox Hack . Oh, well. But then i made a nother account and did it once more again…this time i never got banned and made 1000robux and i never did it again. So, i am here to tell you there is a 50 50 chance you wont and will get banned. But, there is a 100% chance you will make over 1000robux!!!! Well, what are you waiting for fellow robloxians go out there and get rich at Nirvana1196′s place!!!!! Lolz, here is a image of when i am guessing Nirvana1196 is changing into some new cloths and getting banned at that exact moment lolz, its funny…


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